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About Us

ALCC was founded 52 years ago by a handful of members for two purposes: to raise the professionalism in the industry and to approach industry issues in a collaborative way. That mission remains true today, where ALCC has grown to 600+ members in six chapters throughout Colorado.

ALCC's intended impact is to help landscape companies have successful businesses. To do so, our organizational values require that we embody best practices of business management and leadership and be on the cutting edge and in-tune with emerging trends.

Delivering value to members is paramount. In 2013, ALCC made deliberate decisions about what returns on investment is highest in helping landscape companies be successful, via three strategic focus areas:

  • Be the go-to resource that delivers the most relevant business-building information and skills to landscape companies at all points of the business development cycle
  • Be an effective advocate for the industry in order to influence decision-makers towards a policy environment that supports landscape companies
  • Increase awareness among landscape consumers that professional standards exist in this industry