Tierra de Amani

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About Us

Founded in 2005,TIERRA DE AMANI joins the work of many other local NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in their effort to bring as many helping hands as possible to children in need in Tanzania, East Africa.

TANZANIA is a beautiful country steeped in culture, and its people are warmly welcoming. Unfortunately a lot of people, especially in rural areas, still live in extreme poverty. Many of them are under 18 and have no opportunity of a better future.TIERRA DE AMANI aims to help improve the living conditions of children and families through providing for their basic needs and ensuring they have access to healthcare and education.

We also support many families living in hard conditions and having to deal with HIV/Aids. Our global support Project Endelea tries to get these families back on their feet again, overcoming the stigma of being HIV positive.

Many people´s small acts of generosity, can make a big difference to children's lives. Your support can improve life conditions while creating personal and cultural bonds between countries and people.

Our main office is in Spain, but we also have an office in Moshi (Tanzania) where we mainly carry out our work. Karibu sana!