Medill - Northwestern University

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About Us

Medill offers graduate programs in Journalism and in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Our master's in journalism prepares students to succeed in the ever-changing media world of the 21st century. Emphasizing rigorous reporting, superior writing skills and cross media training, Medill produces graduates who are proficient in current and innovative, ground-breaking technologies. In addition to learning how to tell relevant and engaging stories, students work in Medill newsrooms in Chicago and Washington, D.C. with the option of an additional quarter working at international media companies through Medill's Global Journalism Program.

Integrated Marketing Communications education was pioneered at Medill and emphasizes a customer-centric, analytic and insight-driven approach to planning and managing integrated marketing communications. Medill's faculty conducts research and teaches about consumer behavior and motivation, communication channels and media, and how to develop engaging messages that connect consumers and stakeholders with brands. Medill IMC students work with real clients in both the United States and Asia to create brand strategies and marketing plans.