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About Us

Find your place to make a difference.

COR | Columbia Opportunity Resource connects young, talented professionals in the greater Columbia area to diverse and meaningful networks for leadership, service and fun. COR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

COR believes:

  • Vibrant networks attract, retain and motivate talented people.
  • Motivated and talented people create exciting communities; and
  • Exciting communities continually renew their talent pool.

Our vision is an innovative, energized and successful Columbia community that attracts, inspires, develops and retains the best talent in the world.

COR is a volunteer-driven organization with three focus areas: leadership, service and fun. We fulfill our mission by:

  • Connectting out members with executive mentors and nonprofit leaderhip positions (i.e. Table for Six and Talent Bank)
    Goal: Ensure a sustainable future for our community through identifying, developing, nurturing and connecting the next generation of leaders.
  • Providing and promoting volunteer opportunities (ie. USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run, World Beer Festival)
    Goal: Connect the next generation of Columbians to their community through volunteerism, service and philanthropy.
  • Serving as a cheerleader for Columbia by promoting Columbia to Columbiaans (i.e. The Buzz, Columbia 101, COR Blog)
    Goal: Promote and enhance a vibrant and diverse and talent "magnetic" community through measurable adn acitonable strategies.


COR was formed in 2004 through a collaborative partnership between the City of Columbia and a group of impassioned young leaders looking to create positive change by connecting young people into the social, civic, and professional fabric of Columbia. In 2010, a partnership was formed between EngenuitySC, the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the Midlands Authority for Sports, Conventions, and Tourism, and The City of Columbia to establish the Columbia Talent Magnet Project; an initiative to attract, engage, and retain students, recent graduates, recent arrivals, and young professionals in the Greater Columbia region. COR is the Greater Columbia community’s collective investment in the next generation, as the primary vehicle for implementing the goals of the talent magnet project.