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About Us

MuseMach - Minimally Useful (MUSE) and Horribly Complex Machines (MACH) - is a non-profit organization focused on promoting innovation and creativity in kids, under 18 yrs old. Starting 2009, MuseMach has been holding competitions that require each of the participating teams to build Rube Goldberg style machines that perform a simple task (such as turning a page of a notebook) in as many steps as possible

The competitions are currently held in India, as the educations system there is so much more focused on teaching by rote, rather than by asking and experimenting. Competitions, such as those held by MuseMach, provide much needed boost in creativity and innovative approaches to problem solving for school kids in India

The competition is FREE for the student teams to register and participate. The biggest expense for the organization is out reach and promotion in schools to get more teams to register and participate in this fun competition. Anything online volunteers can do to lower that cost, will directly result in more of the funds from the sponsors directly adding to the Prize money for the winning teams