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“Ways of Change”

Mission: The NewWays Community cultivates practical ideas to support social equality, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumption towards a balanced ecology and economy.

Our Vision: To offer a visually compelling and user-friendly presentation of idea-packets from which corporations, agencies, organizations, and individuals can access and implement and benefit from promoting eco-friendly, economic practices.

NewWays will be hosted on Media Wiki technology allowing users to access, manipulate and generate idea-packet content. Policies concerning user-editing will be developed as the community grows exponentially, following the guides of both Wikipedia and DailyKos.

NewWays believes in the power of visual presentation. Many of the idea-packets will aim to contain visual presentations through PowerPoint, video demonstration or through programs such as You Tube.

The Policies: An idea’s value lies in the principal policy of free and open exchange of information. FreeWays as a community, is charged with censoring and maintaining the content and participation of members in regards to our mission statement.

All are entitled to free ideas. We do not own your ideas. All can benefit financially, ecologically, physically and soulfully from the spread of grassroots market practices.

When you contribute to NewWays then your idea(s) are public domain. This is a burrowing network of ideas and anyone can borrow and everyone one can sew.