Community Action for Development and Self-Reliance

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About Us

Community Action for Rural Development and Self Reliance (CARDS)


Community Action for Rural Development and Self Reliance (CARDS) is a National humanitarian NGO established in 2013, dedicated and committed to providing access to basic human needs and improving the lives of women from vulnerable households, returnees and IDPs. CARDS implements emergency response programs as well as long-term development programs in the areas of Livelihoods, Reintegration, Health: To increase ECO-health in priority biodiversity area, sexual and gender based violence, including child, early and forced marriage HIV&AIDS, and Education.



Community Action for Rural Development and Self Reliance (CARDS) aims access to all basic needs for all rural communities within south Sudan and to alleviate violence against women and children through protection, prevention and promotion.




Improving and saving lives, providing basic services, strengthening, and empowering communities towards accelerated rural development and poverty reduction strategies.  We will transform and collaborate to achieve best practice, support social inclusion and empower women, children and men affected by domestic violence.


Our Objective

Aim to Human Right Particularly Woman Right for Reproductive Improve women’s health, improve the lives of community through self-reliance, and promote community health, education, and livelihoods. Supporting women’s education: to reduce barriers for access to voluntary family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) services in priority biodiversity areas. Reduce childhood morbidity in priority biodiversity areas



Family focused, child focused, health focused, community participation and sustainable integrated programs

Our Values

Accountability, transparency, respects for human and child rights, enabling environment, capacity building, community empowerment, reproductive health and mortality reduction. Improved health literacy (awareness, knowledge, skills)

Capacity building and Community Empowerment

Organizational Strengths

 Our team of over 20 staff and volunteers are highly skilled and committed workers representing an exceptional depth of experience, talent, commitment and diversity.

 Our on-the-ground presence gives us a base in places of high priority in terms of need

 Our ability to facilitate the various stakeholders to ensure greatest impact on the ground. This facilitation is a key component in how we operate as an organization.

1. Target Extreme needy Households Our work is ultimately measured by how well we contribute to reduction of poverty at the targeted households and access to food, shelter, water, health and educational services.