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We are a small yet highly motivated passionate International local based not for profit, non governmental, charity organisation that provides education, health, advocacy and charity for the poor and underprivileged people and communities.

SODEIT is a volunteer driven Organisation, funded by individuals, foundations, organizations' and corporations that support its mission; based in Cameroon. It aims to improve opportunities for children, caregivers and youths in risky and vulnerable situations through better education/training, health, advocacy, charity, participatory development and good governance.

Our work is based on a collective commitment to support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Earth Charter International, United Nations Economic and social Council and other partners to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals. We therefore have an integrated approach to sustainable community development.

This means that our projects not only aim to lift people and community out of poverty but also to:

  • promote education and reduce illiteracy;
  • build the capacity of the underprivileged to fight the threat of poverty through the provision of Micro-Finance, micro Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training;
  • fight the spread of diseases and cut down on illiteracy and ignorance by educating and sensitizing communities and policy makers on health, education, training and environmental issues and challenges;
  • promote citizen led monitoring and advocacy ensuring basic needs are provided and manage sustainably;
  • help eradicate all forms of slavery and inhumane treatment, violations and abuses;
  • Advance participatory governance and development, human rights and;
  • Environmental education, sensitization and sustainable environmental management etc.

You can support SDI's projects in Cameroon, West Africa by volunteering, partnering your organisation with us or donating towards one of our projects.



  • United Nations Economic and Social Council with Special Consultative Status -USA ;
  • United Nations Global Compact – USA
  • United Nations Volunteers - Germany;
  • Coalition International Criminal Court -USA and Netherlands;
  • Global Giving Community- USA;
  • Omprakash Community – USA;
  • StopTB Partnership/ WHO – Switzerland,
  • Global Natural Fibre Forum/Africa Natural Fibre Forum – India and Tanzania; etc
  • World Federalist Movement-Institute of Global Policy – USA (In Progress);


As an international local based charity organization, we support poor, risky, vulnerable and underprivileged Children, youths, caregivers/takers, old and aging, refugees, and forgotten communities with education, health, advocacy, and charity. We work with local groups and individuals that are out of the scope of main humanitarian aid and support communities that otherwise would get little or no support. The community members of our partner groups work with us to establish their most urgent needs. They are agent of change that strives for quality of wellbeing, independence and stability; we simple support their quest for a brighter future by providing education, training, health, advocacy and charity.

Our strategic goals on basic education, community health, citizen led monitoring and advocacy, agriculture and rural entrepreneurship, Water supply and sanitation, welfare/poverty relief, and Community development, with the long term objective of self –reliance, are the focus of our work with our partner organisations.

We provide ourselves for being accountable and transparent.


SDI opened an office in Buea, Cameroon in October 2006, and operations and logistics are administered from there. Over the past few years, the nature of the projects that we have been involved in has steadily expanded.

In 2010 we became a global entity with legal recognition in the United States as a not for profit, non governmental, limited liability corporation charity in the state of New Jersey, USA.

In 2011 September, we fill in for a 501 C (3) tax exemption status (In progress).

In 2012, we start community pre-schools centers establishment and expand our natural fibres project in partnership with AFRICA NATURAL FIBRE FORUM under Commonwealth Secretariat-UK largesse.

All SODEIT members, staff and volunteers are owners involved in the day-to-day operations. SDI is associated with and assisted by two full-time management staff volunteers from different areas of expertise and its global boards and volunteers of diversified expertise and backgrounds.

Our activities include educating, supporting and empowering the underprivileged citizens and forgotten communities of Cameroon to a level of self sufficiency. We are also engaged in partnerships with the local communities and schools to provide land resource governance interventions, community health education and sensitization, participatory governance and development, citizen led monitoring and advocacy for social and economic justice.

Our structure and establishment

Formed in December 2005 under law No. 90/053 0f 19 December 1990 of the Government of Cameroon Associations/NGOs Laws and in 2010 in the United States as a limited liability not for profit charity in the state of New Jersey, USA. In September 2011, we filled in for Tax exemption 501C(3) status; which is still in progress.

Our Team

Our leadership teams shares no single office, occupation, or expertise, yet we are bound by a common vision and our shared commitment to the actualization of our strategic intentions. team is comprised of a diverse group of business professionals, humanitarians, and current and future philanthropists who share a passion for SODEIT's mission. Through engaging educational and networking opportunities, Members are positioned to enhance their opportunity to make a significant impact throughout Target communities, and to support SODEIT's efforts.


Support our Cause

There are many ways to support our causes. Some individuals, corporations, foundations have offered us donations of money or services such as pro-bono web-marketing and legal advice. Other corporations have offered in-kind donations to be used by our Volunteers or passed on to our projects. Schools, universities, and non-profit organizations contribute to our cause by directing volunteers towards the opportunities we offer, and by hosting events through which members of their communities can learn about activities and support them with funds or other resources. We always make sure to reciprocate with our supporters by offering them publicity on our website and within our network.

If you are interested in supporting us or reaching out to a potential supporter on our behalf, please contact

You can support SODEIT's projects in Cameroon, Central/West Africa by volunteering, partnering your organisation with us or donating towards one of our projects.

Our Approach

We work with societies, groups, organizations and institutions as partners to identify and tackle issues related with education, health, environment, social, economic, advocacy and personal transformation practices in order to achieve sustainable development in communities.

Our Goals

1. To catalyse communities' commitment to socio-economic growth, supporting the active involvement of the poor and most vulnerable population in working to accelerate the pace towards achieving equality and ensuring the representation of all in community's activities;

2. To bring stakeholders together to design, install and operate replicable rural and peri-urban socio-economic projects/programs, promoting social protection and sustainable development in communities;

3. To hold governments and institutions accountable for fulfilling the existing commitments that they have made regarding protecting and promoting the poor and most vulnerable population;

4. To guide policies and investment towards poverty reduction;

5. To strengthen our membership structures and systems in order to support a growing and fully engaged community of members actively involved in securing the rights of the poor and most vulnerable population and in creating a peaceful and egalitarian community.

Our Aims/Purposes

1. To promote social and economic transformation in poor communities whose inhabitants actively participate in the development process and benefit from the resulting good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being of the empowered community.

2. An agent of positive change and transformation of society by implementing the dreams of stakeholders with the effect of establishing reduction of poverty, social injustice, economic, environmental, educational and health related conditions resulting in a better world for all.

3. A bridge builder to facilitates the empowerment of individuals and societies in communities through a philosophically approach of building a better world for all.

4. Creating a more joyful world.

Our Mission

To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable nation state.

Our Vision

To be considered the NGO that leads the best programs in Cameroon towards achieving respectful, generous, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable communities, where the poor and most vulnerable have equal rights and personal integrity, and equal access to social, cultural and economic resources.

Profile Description

We are a small yet highly motivated passionate International local based not for profit, non governmental, charity organisation that provides education, health, advocacy and charity for the poor and underprivileged…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • Bonduma Gate, Bonduma Village,, Buea, SW P.O. Box 44, Cameroon
    Near the Community Hall

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