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About Us

Food and Finance High School (FFHS) is in its 12th year of operation as the premiere culinary arts high school in New York City.  After beginning with a class of 120 ninth graders, it is now about to graduate its 9th class.  Each year the school sends 85 – 90% of its graduates on to higher education – many to culinary colleges.

Food and Finance High School draws students from throughout New York City to its small learning community.  The school offers the full range of academic courses in addition to a three year sequence of cooking and baking and paid internships in the senior year.  The school seeks to develop lifelong learners and responsible, caring, and productive adults.  Students graduate with both a Regents diploma and food industry certifications such as ProStart and NYC Foodhandlers.  By earning both their diploma and certifications, students are prepared to go on to post-secondary education as well as to obtain jobs.

FFHS provides a broad range of opportunities to students.  The school’s partner – Cornell University – runs hydroponic, aquaculture, and aquaponic labs in the building, affording students cutting edge science education.  Cornell also offers nutrition education, public speaking training, trips, and other programs and services.  The school provides opportunities for students to cater events, compete in culinary competitions, and obtain a variety of experiences in the culinary field. 


About 90% of the students at Food and Finance High School are eligible for free or reduced school lunch.  Many have had limited opportunities.  Food and Finance High School provides access to tools, people, and opportunities that will help them obtain the skills and experiences that will lead to college, career, and life success.   

The goal of the school is to ensure that all students have every opportunity to go on to higher education and to achieve their career goals.  A basic principle of the school is that a large variety of experiences should be available to every student.