Neighborcare Health

  • Washington


1200 12th Avenue South
United States

About Us

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Our Mission

<img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> The mission of Neighborcare Health is to provide comprehensive healthcare to families and individuals who have difficulty accessing care; respond with sensitivity to the needs of our culturally diverse patients; and advocate and work with others to improve the overall health status of the communities we serve. <img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> Our purpose is to improve health by engaging, educating and empowering people in the communities we serve. <img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> Our Ultimate Goal is 100% Access, Zero Health Disparities.

Our Core Values

Times will change. The services we offer will change. Our people will change. Our patients and other customers will change. What will not change is our commitment to our core purpose and ultimate goal.

<img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> Social Justice <img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> Cultural Sensitivity <img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif"> Community <img src="http://portal/_layouts/images/lstbulet.gif">Excellence