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About Us

Maiyan International Volunteer is a volunteer organization in Kenya that provides worth while and affordable volunteer projects within Kenya. Maiyan International volunteer has a wide range of volunteering projects available in both rural and urban Kenya, including Teaching, Orphanage Work, Sports Education, HIV/AIDS Work, Special Needs, Music Education, Women's Education, Medical Placement,and cultural studies.These projects can be undertaken by individuals, school groups, church groups, clubs and associations all over the world.

he Maiyan International Volunteer was founded in 2013 with the aim of Organizing unique and affordable volunteer placements/ travel programs, school exchange and educational programs across Kenya to the benefit of the poor and marginalized communities, poor and vulnerable kids.

MIV was founded by a group of individuals with diverse expertise. We have a teacher, PR executive, Sociologist and a tours and travel operator. The combination of this, helps the organization have the best needed expertise.

MIV was formed with the aim of helping willing volunteers to connect with various communities on projects and programs. Whether internships, volunteer work or just cultural studies. This way, we connect the two parties. Those in need of a service, and ones who can offer the service.


  1. To offer voluntary services / projects to students and non-students from abroad including :
    1. Orphanage Project
    2. Teaching Project
    3. HIV Aids Outreach Project
    4. Healthcare and Medical Project
    5. Internship
    6. Community Volunteer Work and Travel Program
  2. To promote national and international co-operation by inviting people from various countries irrespective of geographical, social, economical and cultural background to volunteer in Kenya.
  3. Protecting the environment through environmental friendly education.
  4. To help poor communities to do projects they cannot do for themselves.
  5. Caring for the mentally and physically challenged, and the orphans.
  6. To help raise funds for the said projects and also tailor make them to suit different needs by different special interest group.