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About Us

Zero5 is a platform dedicated to facilitating the expansion of quality early childhood education throughout the world as a core driver of human capital and social progress. Driving dialogue, innovation, and change at the crossroads of policymaking and business, Zero5 helps set the agenda, identify solutions and form partnerships in early childhood education at the international, national, and local level..

Zero5 functions as a hub. Experts, practitioners, parents, public administrators, teachers, policy makers and other relevant players worldwide are invited to join debates on issues of early childhood education, propose new ideas, contribute new approaches and strategies, act as an informal think tank for public and private organizations. We hope to trigger a movement that can ultimately influence policies in this area, and in turn have an impact on the economy and society.

We dream of a world where all children, regardless of their economic or social background, can benefit from high quality early childhood education to become more ready to learn and to thrive in their life.