New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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About Us

New England Yearly Meeting (officially the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends) is a body of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts that includes Friends from the New England region of the United States.

New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) is part of both Friends General Conference and Friends United Meeting, two broader bodies of Friends. They are also part of Friends World Committee for Consultation and the Friends Peace Teams Project.

Sixty-eight parishes, named monthly meetings in spite of the fact that they meet weekly for worship, are associated with NEYM. Most are in the unprogrammed tradition, which means that they meet for waiting worship in which they wait in silence and any participant may share whatever they believe the Spirit of God leads them to say. Others are in the programmed tradition, which means that they have a pastor who leads the meeting and plans ahead of time what will be said and done.

Yearly meeting sessions are held once a year, usually in the first week of August.

NEYM publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled The New England Friend.

NEYM also runs a summer camp in South China, Maine called Friends Camp.