Neighbors for Neighbors

  • MA


PO Box 56333
Jamaica Plain
United States

About Us

Neighbors for Neighbors bring neighbors together in person to satisfy the human need to connect and care for one another. We do this so neighbors may discover common interests and passions and organize around them, transforming their great ideas into actions that contribute to our community. We Socialize, Organize, and Make A Difference.


To inspire all neighbors in every neighborhood and provide them with the tools to realize what is possible in their lives and for their communities when they come together.


Community-driven Inclusive Collaborative Fun Innovative

What we do:

We Socialize: NFN hosts neighborhood Socials where neighbors connect.

We Organize: NFN hosts Community Organizing Expos where neighbors create social groups and community projects with others who share similar interests and passions; engage with local non-profits; and collaborate online at All serve as mechanisms that keep neighbors together.

We make a difference: Thousands of people connect at events; over 70 Social Clubs, Community Projects, and Partner Projects engage local, national, and international neighbors together, generate over 5000 hours of engagement, and bring countless volunteers to local organizations and events.

In 2005 and 2006, the readers of the Jamaica Plain Gazette named Neighbors for Neighbors "Best of JP" for Neighborhood Organization. Neighbors for Neighbors currently exist in Jamaica Plain MA.