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Shaft 17 Road
Crown Mines
South Africa

About Us

The purpose of this overview is to illustrate what we have accomplished over the past years in our Training Division.

Our core activities are 6 to 12 month Training in the following disciplines:

  • Horticulture – Hydroponic Tunnel Farming and Open Field Market Gardening
  • Construction Skills – House Building and General Construction Skills

In addition to the above, to enhance our training programme and empower learners further, we offer the following disciplines:

  • Business Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Basic First Aid

Our projects are implemented in the following phases:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Selection and Recruitment
  • Training Partners

We will be using in house staff to conduct the majority of the hand skills training in which we have had considerable experience and in some other fields of training we will work with external specialists.

17 Shaft aims to develop the potential and dignity of learners by working with partners to achieve sustainable development and possible job creation.

We propose that the selection, recruitment and orientation process be run over a five day period and will include a motivational three day course designed to clarify issues and prepare and focus learners so that they themselves more fully understand the reasons why this opportunity has been made available and what can be achieved by participating in the process.

The objectives of our projects are to provide the necessary skills and occupations that will enable the learners to compete for work in the job market.