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About Us

One World Arts, Inc was formed in 1991 with the primary mission of enhancing individual understanding and acceptance of different races, cultures, religions, and beliefs through the medium of dance, music, theatre, and storytelling workshops, public school residencies, lectures, seminars, and performances. Committed to reaching a diverse and multi-cultural audience, One World Arts Inc., seeks to preserve the folklore of a society, sustain links between generations, and promote pride in the history of ones culture in order to ensure that traditions will not be lost. The company places special emphasis on educating our youth through the arts toward the goal of increasing their self-esteem, artistic, scholastic, and communication skills. One World Arts Inc serves diverse audiences and communities in a variety of venues including the New York City Public Schools, museums, libraries, universities and theaters.

Retumba, formed in 1981, is the performance arm of One World Arts Inc. Retumba is an all-women multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-racial Afro-Caribbean music, dance and percussion ensemble. In line with One World Arts mission, Retumba celebrates the rich diversity and underlying similarities among cultures through performing a cross-section of dance, percussion, and song styles from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Retumba interweaves the dynamic power of polyrhythms, beautiful ancient melodies, and the drama and excitement of African dance and traditions with their own creative expression. Retumba seeks to empower women and young girls by emphasizing the particular strengths and sensitivities of multicultural women performing together in celebration while at the same time demonstrating how the joy of life can be experienced through the gift of diversity. To this end, Retumba seeks to inspire young girls and women to pursue their artistic passions.