Foundation for Charity and Development

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Barnesvelle, Monrovia Liberia


About Us

The Foundation for Charity and Development, Is a non profit humanitarian organization that provide Education, Empowerment and Capacity building programs to Refuges, displaced, underprivileged and the disadvantaged in society.

Areas of Focus

.Peace Building and Conflict Resolution


.Vocational Empowerment

.Children Education

.Health Education and Services

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution: This program is been implemented at the Sierra Leonean Refugee Camp in Liberia. It provides peace and reconciliation messages to refugee schools and the community.

Counseling: The Counseling program focuses on refugees psychological problems ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder_PTSD, flash back issues, stress and other psychological related issues affecting women, youth and children.

The women and youth receive group and individual counseling on a periodic basis while the children receive recreational games and activities to over come their past experiences.

Vocational Empowerment: The organization is currently working on projects that will provide empowerment opportunities to the women and youth to promote independence, self productiveness, and entrepreneurship among refugees.




Local soap production



Children Education: The Foundation for Charity and Development established Fleur’s Learning Center which provides basic education for children who would not otherwise have access to a proper education. The local community has supported the Foundation’s work financially and in-kind, but this is a poor community, so our funds are mearge. We are grateful to friends outside of Liberia who have been able to send through new learning materials and who are now helping with new fundraising initiatives