Caring Hands Christian Home

About Us

Our organisation is a non govermental,not for profit charity organisation;mainly for the less privilledged in the society.

We help and assist in Orphanages,giving donations in materials,cash and kind.

We help in the hospital,paying for treatemnet and prescribed drugs for those too poor to afford the bills.

We operate charity soup kitchens to variouse locations in the rural areas and some Urban areas,to help brothers and sisters eating from trash cans,giving food packages to those eating in trash dumps,while inviting them for a hot meal in variouse centres we are operaating.

Foundation and adult education:

We operate kids and adult education with our limited resources for those too poor to afford it,to be useful and independent to them selves and the commuinity at large.

Our Farm settlements,is to help the less privilledged to be useful and make efforts in helping themselves with both cosumer food and crash crops for them selves and their poor family.

Children and Youths programms,we help and conducts seminars,conferences and rehabilitation.For Youths,single mothers,homeless and abuse children.

Legal and financial assistance to women who have been abused and battered.

Most of what we have been doing is available on our temporary web-site