Bronx Lab School

  • NY

About Us

Who we are: Bronx Lab is an open-enrollment, small, urban high school in its seventh year. Our students come in at many different ability levels, ranging from students at/or exceeding grade level to students who are several years below grade level. All Bronx Lab staff members share the same goal: to develop the college ready skills necessary for success in life in every one of our students. Bronx Lab staff has helped to ensure that our four graduating classes had an average graduation rate of 90% and that 100% of our graduates were accepted into college with an average matriculation rate of 80%.

Bronx Lab is based on a simple, yet powerful mission: To prepare for college and life, Bronx Lab School students engage in meaningful and contextual academic work, participate in a nurturing community, explore their passions, and learn to value effort as a means to success.

Who We Are Looking for: We are looking for energetic, passionate educators who are committed to utilizing varied teaching methods to provide all students, regardless of race, gender or ability level, with an engaging college preparatory education. Staff at Bronx Lab must believe that it is our obligation as educators to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of the students we work with.