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About Us

Our Mission is to bridge the digital divide. We believe in the power of children, connecting youth and communities, and opening hearts and minds through innovative learning technology and programs. 

We believe that with the proper tools and resources, these children and communities can lift themselves out of their destitute conditions and learn to solve the problems that face them. The SSBI team holds fundraisers and community events to raise the money for the laptops, schools, children and teachers of the Bukokholo Primary School of Bungoma, Kenya. We advocate for education as a human right. 

We are currently looking for a marketing communications assistant / intern. For this internship the student will be working at the Small Solutions Big Ideas non-profit organization in Newburyport, MA.

The student will receive training each day on the following categories: setup visits and interviews with other NGOs in the area to provide a broader perspective on how small non-profits work, Public Relations and Newsletters (What are they; Function, Form), Research and Practice (how to create Press Releases and on-Line Newsletters).

The student will assist in improving the website and its links to social media, receiving training in website development. I will evaluate other websites for information organization & visual layouts, and create some media for site.

The student will assist in developing and executing a promotional campaign promoting  one of the SSBI programs. The student will establish the media pieces to carry out the campaign, such as a title, images, cause/purpose, tagline, and branding.

Work can be executed both on-site, or from a home office via Skype or Google Hangout. There will be at least 1 in person work days a week, which will include the training sessions.

Research and tasks can be done at home.

This project will provide the student with the research and communication skills necessary for marketing and advertising, which is a vital skill for any job position. The student will learn how to communicate with people and how to get them on board with our cause; persuasive speaking.

The student will also learn technology & social media skills, such as creating and designing a website. Improving the impact of promotional writing by assisting with email communication, and newsletters. The student will have the chance to work with our partners in Kenya and members of our multi-cultural board.

Please contact us regarding interest and application for the position. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you on board with a wonderful learning experience and phenomenal cause!


Sandra Thaxter  Executive Director

(617) 320-1098