Jakmel Ekpresyon Art Center

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1325 S Wabash
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About Us

The Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Arts Center (JE), is an organization that provides local artists with space and facilities to create and explore different mediums of artistic expression in a safe and non-discriminating environment. Haiti can be a harsh environment for those on the margins of Haitian society, including people with physical handicaps in the wake of the earthquake, and those who identify as gay, queer or gender ambiguous. Those on the margins in Haiti can often become the focus of persecution.

JE provides a safe harbor for these disenfranchised in Haitian society, as well as helping to provide them paths to self-sufficiency. The Center offers membership to local artists and workshops to the public. The workshops are lead by local and international artists. Workshops include film, acting, writing and professional development. Currently all workshop leaders and administration are volunteers dedicated to this vision.

Currently JE runs workshops six days a week and is the home of Spare Change Theater Project. The workshops include theater, lighting, dance, painting and knitting classes. There is also a film club that meets. In the past the workshops have included aerobics, cholera prevention, film, acting and more.

In order to build our network of support we have partnered with other organizations and collectives. These partners have helped us to ship in a computer lab and design a permanent home for the center. We are on a solidarity model and using international volunteers and local collaborators to build a forward thinking community.

Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Arts Center 114 Rue Bellcomb, Blauque Rakette; Sue Frame, Director jakmelekspresyon@gmail.com jecenter.org