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About Us

AALEAD supports low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development, and leadership opportunities through after school, summer, and mentoring programs.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment and culturally sensitive guidance so that each child we serve will be a contributing member of his or her community. Our programs currently serve over 550 students in the District of Columbia; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Fairfax County, Virginia, who represent more than 23 different Asian ethnicities including, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Cambodian, Burmese, Asian Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan.


Our DC Elementary Program foster academic growth and life skills development through age-appropriate enrichment opportunities that encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth in our students. Our program staff and volunteers provide homework support and tutoring, enrichment activities focusing on reading, writing, math, arts and crafts, and service learning opportunities. These programs intervene at an early stage to critically impact our youths’ academic and social development.

Our DC Middle & High School Program, MD Middle School Program, MD High School Program, and VA High School Program provide safe after school environments for middle and high school students. Through academic counseling and support, life-skills and enrichment activities, field trips, community service opportunities, college preparatory sessions, and student youth councils, students are encouraged to explore their cultural identity, develop leaderships skills, pursue academic excellence and post-secondary education, and give back to their community.

Our Youth Mentoring Program matches Asian Pacific American youth between the ages of 10 and 18 with caring adults who support them in developing the academic and life skills necessary to succeed. Mentors meet one-on-one with their mentees, engaging in activities in their local community. Our pairs choose activities based on their own interests; outings have included museum visits, community service events, homework time, trying new foods, and just spending time together.

Our Community College Mentoring Program matches Asian Pacific American community college students with coaches who provide students with personal, academic, and career guidance necessary for students to make informed decisions about successfully navigating their career paths.  

AALEAD Program Outcomes

AALEAD programming is designed with the goal of encouraging students to develop or demonstrate these characteristics. These factors also serve as the basis for monitoring each program’s effectiveness.

Educational Empowerment: Connecting youth to all available resources to succeed academically and choose a middle or high school and prepare for college and future careers.

Identity Development: Giving youth the tools to develop pride in themselves and where they are from. We give youth the space to feel accepted, comfortable and confident in their cultural backgrounds and experiences, and learn to find their place as active and engaged community members.

Leadership: Giving youth every opportunity we are able to offer to help develop skills and experiences as leaders. Whether it is planning an activity, public speaking or facilitating a discussion, staff give youth opportunities while providing guidance, support and resources, to become leaders and own their AALEAD programs to make it their own.

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