Junior Athletes Making A Difference

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About Us


Jam Foundation is a youth development nonprofit that empowers student athletes to be leaders on and off the field. Our program will foster self-confidence, leadership skills, and positive decision making through sports. We provide financial assistance to families facing hardships and give opportunity for their child to participate in our program.


Junior Athletes Making a Difference Foundation was developed to be a program serving children, ages 7-15 in the greater San Diego area. The focus of the program is to promote youth sport participation, promote student athletes and build a successful platform where youth can develop the skills needed to take them to the next level of play and to empower them to give back to the community. Another goal is to provide services to our local sports organizations; we will have additional education for their coaches and Gear Up Coaches mentoring Program for participants.

We will evaluate families and in turn award scholarships to be used towards community league registrations, equipment, specialized training, and other related costs of participation for eligible children.

It is our hope that participation in recreational / competitive sports programs will provide an appropriate outlet for these disadvantaged children, who might otherwise be negatively influenced by their difficult circumstances. Furthermore, through interaction with coaches, teammates, and other involved families, our program reinforces self-esteem and provides positive role models.

At JAM we understand the importance of building a strong sports community and empowering the youth of today to be our leaders for tomorrow.