Nepal Jagaran Manch

Kathmandu, Nepal
Joined in August 2004

About Us

Nepal Jagaran Manch

Nepal Jagaran Manch is a non-partisan, non profit making, non-governmental social organization working actively to combat poverty, deprivation and social marginalization in Nepal. Nepal Jagaran Manch established in 2004 by the efforts of some veteran social activists as a gesture of their social contribution and it came into its formal existence when it was registered under the existing law & legal provision of HMG of Nepal. Nepal Jagaran Manch has already started the project for mass awareness stressing the complete socio-economic upliftment of the poor and down-trodden people who are surviving their destiny in extreme poverty. It has focused its activities on children, handicapped and those who are affected by the present armed struggle of Nepal. Nepal Jagaran Manch with its sole aim to fight against injustice, poverty and hunger is promoted by the enthusiastic professional youths with strong commitment to bring a drastic change and set a landmark in the social development of Nepal. Its destination is the just and equal society, therefore, it has been working actively to hunt its goal.


Mission of Nepal Jagaran Manch is to support, develop and implement programs to combat poverty and deprivation in Nepal through peaceful and participatory social movements. Furthermore, Nepal Jagaran Manch is dedicated to exposing injustice and marginalization at large. In short, Nepal Jagaran Manch is targeted to its prime goal to establish the equal and socially developed democratic society.


Nepal Jagaran Manch is dedicated to building an active civil society that will fight against poverty, hunger and injustice and that will collectively work toward social, economical and humanitarian improvements in Nepal. Specific objectives of Nepal Jagaran Manch are as follows.

 Support the development of socio-economic infrastructures by combating poverty.  Incorporate a national programme for the children, old, helpless and initiate a welfare programme to bring a change in their lives.  Develop and implement a programme to uplift the miserable condition of Indigenous communities like Dalits and Kamaiya.  Build a national level network and watch group to combat prostitution, child-crime, child abuse, drug abuse, social orthodox norms and values existing in the society.  Promote the initiatives of Women-empowerment and Women-rights to curb age-old slavery and marginalization of women to bring them in the main-stream of social development.  Conduct different programmes of Human rights awareness and conservation in the society where civil right is badly affected and abused by both the state and the armed group.  Conduct different programmes for public health. HIV/AIDS, child health and education for the down-trodden community.  Promote the concept of volunteerism and solidarity for social change.  Reestablish ethical values in Nepalese society by educating the importance of love, peace and equality in all respects.

Combating for Social Change

The task of eradicating poverty and inequality has to be akin to a movement where our past experiences has shown our failure and generated armed struggle by the civilians since last couple of years. Nepal Jagaran Manch believe that the principal way of combating inequality and injustice should be to inform the public about the nature and detrimental effects of such activities. Consequently, pressure will be put on the state to implement the effective implementation to the targeted group and to work together with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Since the inception of Nepal Jagaran Manch, it is working with its own local resources and volunteers to make a change in the different regions of Nepal i.e. providing school to the uneducated children of “freed” Kamaiyas of Far western district of Kailali and helping to generate income through RLP (Rural Livelihood Programme) to the women of Kalikot District of Karnali Zone. Furthermore, it has provided the schooling to twenty four orphaned children from war-affected region of Mid-western region in the schools of Kathmandu Valley and four children in a primary school of Nepalgunj who were deserted by the conflict heavily existing in the mid-western region of Nepal. And this noble work was materialized by those philanthropists whom have set the value of humanitarianism and social justice.

Nepal Jagaran Manch

Nepal Jagaran Manch is a non-partisan, non profit making, non-governmental social organization working actively to combat poverty, deprivation and social marginalization in Nepal. Nepal Jagaran Manch established…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth


  • GPO Box. No. 19891, Kathmandu, None 44604, Nepal
    New Baneshwor

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