Circulo de la Hispanidad

  • NY


26 West Park Avenue
Long Beach
United States

About Us

Círculo de la Hispanidad is a 501(c)3, serving the community since 1980. Círculo’s focus is in the areas of education; public health: services and health education, crisis intervention, HIV/AIDS; child care; housing; advocacy and cultural enrichment. Círculo now offers more than thirty programs and activities serving over 20,000 families annually across Long Island.

More than a slogan, “Growing Stronger Together” is a promise delivered everyday at Circulo de la Hispanidad to those who – though filled with energy, promise, and hope -- are now in enormous need of all that we stand able and ready to provide.

Historically Hispanic and Latino immigrants with limited ability to understand and speak English seek help first from grass roots community based organizations such as Circulo; we speak their language and offer a safe, familiar and supportive environment within which our many program participants prepare for their successful entry into the larger English-speaking society.

Circulo is committed to providing free community programs and comprehensive human resources to our most vulnerable families and individuals who reside in some of the most depressed communities on Long Island. Now in this time of dwindling public funding the challenges are greater and the need for our services continues to grow enormously. Faced by these difficult new realities, we will redouble our efforts so as to provide our target communities with the support and encouragement they need and deserve.

As a vibrant, progressive organization we encourage full participation in civic and community life as a road to empowerment and stable employment – all made possible through English language proficiency, computer technology training, and rigorous job skills acculturation and counseling rooted in a realistic, teachable understanding of job market expectations. Our aim is not simply to find appropriate employment for our program participants but to teach the practices and understandings that will lead to permanent, sustained employment.

In addition, we will continue to meet the evolving needs of our service community by offering immigration and citizenship counseling, recreational programs for youth and cultural programs for the broader community. We will also strive to maintain our strong, long-standing partnerships with educational, health and public service institutions and agencies so that we will continue to be able to offer programs of critical importance to our service communities.