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DRH Norway - One World Institute offers grown-ups an environment in which to study this world of ours, and by transformational practices to gain experiences to an extent that the participants when leaving the OWIN will find her or himself in a better position to take a solid stand to life.

DRH Norway - One World Institutehas chosen as its topics the social conditions in the developing countries and in Europe, people’s living conditions and the results of former, and the expectations for the future development of our world. This is the content of the school’s program.

Our programs offers a A Certificate and B Certificate in Fighting with the Poor in Cooperation with One World University in Mozambique.

The Outline of the program is as followed;

Outline of the program

In this two-year program, all your focus will be on world affairs and the conditions and lives of people on Earth. You will ask the difficult questions about why, with all our knowledge and wisdom, our technological skills and vast resources, our inventiveness and diligence, and the compassion, love and humanity that we all possess, humankind has not gotten rid of pre­ventable diseases, stopped all wars, or quenched the misery of The Poor. You will seek the answers, search for solutions, and then you and your team will go Fighting with The Poor. Throughout the program, your studies and work will lead to a B-certificate as distance learner from the faculty of Fighting with The Poor at One World University, Mozambique

Period 1. Deep Study about the World Today

Meeting in the team, forming study groups and planning the first month.

In the first period, you will study and investigate international relations, the division between North and South, rich and poor, the world economy and international fi nance, globalization, how international bodies function, how poor countries get caught in debt, why The Poor are increasing in number, how the world’s resources are used, who decides on the international stage, and what people are doing about it. You will read books, have courses, solve study tasks, ask questions, go on investigations, interview experts, visit people, put up hypotheses, debate and conclude. You will be digging deep and digging broad, and you will be writing, speaking and showing. And you will use the full strength of the collective to build a foundational un­derstanding of today’s defining issues for humanity and for our globe.

Period 2. Fundraising and Travel Preparation

The second period will see you concentrated, earning and saving money in a common action, working two or more jobs and finding audacious means of living cheaply. Then come the travel preparations: Planning the travel route, making the budget, choosing your project and your Trio, training project skills, preparing project actions, learning the languages you need, getting visas, getting fi t for fight, and a thousand other things to attend to. Finally, with a diverse rucksack, you are on the road.

Period 3. On the Road

The third period is the travel period, and it finds you immersed in people and experiences. You live with families, make friends with truck drivers, and sleep in strange places. You go on investigations, seeing for yourself what you previously read about in books, and letting the people who live the stories be your teachers. Meeting with your teammates, you tell your tales and share your knowledge, discussing, conclud­ing and deciding on where next and what next. And all the while, you write the Journal and gather pictures, sounds and film, docu­menting what you learn. More investigations, more traveling and new countries bring you to your final destination, to the project in Africa or India.

Period 4. Project Period

Arriving at the project, you are ready for living and working and standing shoulder to shoulder fighting with The Poor. You go to work in your Trio, as instructed by the Project Leadership and according to the needs of the project: running the project, improving the quality, expand­ing the work and carrying out actions with the people at the project and in the surrounding communities. Throughout the period, you continue writing the Journal and producing all kinds of documentation to use for bringing it to the public in the last period.

Period 5. The Journal

Returning to the school, your heads and hands are full of new skills, knowledge and energy. You meet in the team, concluding on the studies, the travels, the work and experiences, consolidat­ing your knowledge and understanding. You decide upon, gath­er, qualify and produce products for the Public Arena, and then you go on the road again: making a road show, producing radio broadcasts and documentaries, holding public debates, distribut­ing books, making speeches, teaching school classes, performing and discussing with people on the street, visiting work places, and much more, all the while learning double by teaching what you know to others.

Finalizing and celebrating with exams, having earned your B-certificate from One World Uni­versity, and from the new foundation you have built for yourself and with your teammates throughout the program, you are ready to take your next steps in life and into the future.

DRH Norway - One World Institute offers grown-ups an environment in which to study this world of ours, and by transformational practices to gain experiences to an extent that the participants when leaving the OWIN will find her or himself in…

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  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Poverty
  • Volunteering


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