African Water Power and Light

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Cape Town
South Africa

About Us

One of the tragedies of the African continent is that in many areas the most basic needs of people are not satisfied. For example: many people have no access to running water or electricity or water born sewage amongst other basic requirements such as accommodation, transport and health care.

At AWPAL we realise that it is impossible to provide basic services without an infrastructure cost and without having to charge the end user for this service (e.g. water supply / electricity supply ). However, rural people do not have money to pay for these services. Due to the rural dwellers cash flow they cannot afford to pay a monthly lump sum for any service. Thus there arises the situation where by a rural dweller in Africa will spend more money every day on paraffin (kerosene) than they would spend on electrical energy simply because they can purchase paraffin in very small quantities, which is not possible with electrical energy.

The solution we believe is to supply rural dwellers with solar lights and rural communities with solar water pumps so that they can have the advantages of electric light and water at no cost to themselves.

Naturally solar pumps and solar lights have to be paid for and we obtain funds for this by donations.

We are all engineers / technicians and thoroughly test all the products we supply.

We do not charge and administrate fees and all the donations we receive go directly to the provision of solar pumps and solar lights.