SouthCoast Compeer

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285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth
United States

About Us

Can you give four hours a month to make friends and change lives? SouthCoast Compeer matches trained, sensitive, caring volunteers in one-on-one supportive friendships with adolescents and adults with mental illness. It has been documented that a Compeer's friendship results in decreased use of inpatient and emergency services, better compliance with medication and therapy, less isolation and better self-esteem. Friendship is powerful medicine.

As a Volunteer you will meet with your friend on a regular basis at mutually convenient times to share activities you both enjoy, such as movies, sports, shopping or coffee. The Compeer program is an adjunct to therapy and is based on the concept that a volunteer's friendship, advocacy and support can offset the loneliness and fear experienced by those suffering from mental illnesses.