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About Us

We are educators at heart. We help teachers identify the best way their students learn, one child at a time. We help young adults access the hard and soft skills they need to find relevant jobs, and help organizations identify what they need to succeed. We help civil society activists connect with one another to build vibrant democracies. We work with students, teachers, refugees, health care workers, education ministers, coffee farmers and everyone in between. In all of our work, we help people find their voice, transform, lead, and become the best version of themselves. We help them: Graduate. Advocate. Learn. Lead. Disrupt. We help individuals, communities and institutions create the change needed for a more peaceful and just world.

Making the world a better place takes time and we’re in it for the long haul. For 85 years we’ve invested the time and resources to educate, train, and reduce poverty and conflict. 

Welcome to World Learning, a nonprofit organization working to empower people, communities and strengthen institutions around the world through education, sustainable development, and exchange programs. Our mission is to create the change necessary for a more equal, prosperous and peaceful world.