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About Us

AEGEE (l'Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe) is a student organisation that promotes co-operation, communication and integration among young people in Europe. Through critical and active confrontation with the Europe of today and tomorrow, AEGEE wants to help develop an open and tolerant society.

AEGEE which is a voluntary, non-governmental, politically independent non-profit organisation founded in Paris in 1985, puts the idea of a unified Europe into practise. A widely spread student network of 17.000 members in more than 270 local branches from Sevilla to Saint Petersburg, provides the ideal platform where young people can work together on the basis of friendship and understanding, free from any national way of thinking.

AEGEE does not consider any national organisational level, and relies solely on the local groups and the European level that consists of multinational working groups, commissions and the European board of directors.