Camphill Community Trust Botswana

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About Us


The Camphill movement was established in 1945 in Scotland. Working from indications for curative education and social therapy given by Dr Rudolf Steiner, a school for children with severe learning difficulties was established within the context of a supportive community. A college for youth challenged by disabilities and the provision of meaningful work and residential support in group homes for adults with disabilities was also established. The Camphill movement has grown to encompass more than 100 communities around the world. Each community is run independently but communities within the Camphill Movement work together through national, regional and international association.


Camphill Community Trust Botswana runs three community-based projects in Otse Village.

  • Camphill School Rankoromane - educates children with disabilities from standard 1 to standard 7
  • Camphill Legodimo - gives life skills training and support to teenagers with disabilities
  • Motse Wa Badiri Camphill - offers training, working environment, social and community support to adults with disabilities. The organisation provides vocational training, employment opportunities as well as community and rehabilitation support for the disabled sector of the community.