The Philadelphia Shakespere Theatre

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About Us


The mission of The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre is to be a world-class Shakespeare company, and to bring our education programs to every high school student in the region.


The plays of William Shakespeare are the highest achievement of the human imagination. Our focus is to reveal through rigorous and detaied study of the language of these plays, what the author intended.

Our production style is fresh, original and muscular and always in support of the story being told. The visual and soundscapes of each production place the actor and the author in direct contact with the audience, so that the audience feels as if they are “in” the play , not just viewing it.

Our textual analysis is based on Heinrich Schenker’s musical analysis. He was the first person who codified music theory, inventing a system of notation to show how the composer creates and releases tension in each of the lines to form a symbolic whole. A well-told story can be graphed like a piece of music.