The Eagles Wing Mission For Africa, Inc.

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About Us

We are dedicated to helping people in Uganda in need for clothing, food, shelter and education. We want to help the youths of Uganda realize a brighter future through education and lend a helping hand where needed. Supplying some basic necessities for survival for many in this impoverished country can make all the difference in their lives. It takes so little and it's our mission to find as many people as possible to help us build a stronger and larger organization to accomplish this.

We currently are sponsoring children in schools which feed and educate these youths, who otherwise could not afford to attend school and never know what can be accomplished in their lives. We want to show them a brighter future and to help them, help themselves and their families. Eventually, we envision our own schools and providing mentors to guide these children in the right direction to make this happen. Our own medical staff to see to basic things like immunizations and basic nutritional education to further enhance their lives, so they can lead longer, healthier more fulfilling lives.