Adam Leventhal Memorial School & Museum

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2640 N. San Fernando Rd.
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About Us

Forging Character & Forging Community

Adam's Forge is breathing life into an ancient craft. Our focus is to raise awareness, teach hands on skills, preserve and advance the craft, and broaden and grow the blacksmithing community. Incorporated as a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) in 2002 as a memorial to artist blacksmith Adam Leventhal, the Adam Leventhal Memorial School and Museum encourages students of diverse ages and abilities to express themselves artistically through the medium of metals. 

Blacksmithing is a craft with a history going back to the Iron Age. It has been practiced through millennia for various practical purposes and purely as art in many cultures around the world. Today, Adam’s Forge is creating a thriving blacksmithing community through a regular schedule of classes and events that inspires and supports aspiring artists, trades people and the community.

Many of us learn more easily and retain knowledge more thoroughly when lessons are coupled with physical activity. For instance the force of a hammer blow transferred to the deformation of hot steel is a dynamic tutorial in physics. Forging a nail can give a student a visceral understanding of how people lived during a different era. Team striking is a powerful validation of the value of cooperation. Our mission is to share with as many people as possible.