Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower

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About Us

HI, Greetings with a Beacon of NEW Light and Love from the Top of the World!
This is Rajendra Nhisutu I am a local resident of Kathmandu, Nepal and founder and chairperson of the Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization 'HIMET' which is entirely volunteer based multi-denominational non- governmental, non-profit making and social development as a tax exempted registered organization in Nepal

I am looking MISSION PROMOTERS who has zeal to serve on a CAUSE related programs from your own premises and country. HONOURING POST and FACILITY will be provided from  our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization.
INTERESTED are kindly requested to contact me Asap. 
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We are a non-profit foundation that combines the breathtaking beauty of the World Top Mountains with the desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ and have been making positive and meaningful differences in the lives of downtrodden and under privileged people of Nepal and the most needy children.
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Orphaned and Vulnerable Destitute Children of Nepal who are dying from AIDS and during the past 10 years of civil war, famine persecutions and natural disaster where the middle generation are disappeared. 

Nepal Mission Top of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ seeks to encourage adventure travel as a means of supporting under privileged downtrodden tribe and people of Nepal where the Orphaned and Destitute Children and the need is most acute.