New Age Africa Trust

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About Us

New Age Africa Trust was established in August 2011 with an aim to fund and aid special needs projects in Africa and in particular Tanzania. N.A.A.T. is a voluntary organization that aims to provide access to primary level/ secondary education to boys and girls who do not meet the restrictions/ criteria set out by the government. Poverty in many households comes in the form of lack of resources and opportunities. N.A.A.T. looks for innovative ideas to bypass this issue.

Our activities include:

  • Collection of books, computers and other educational material and to set up a library.
  • To undertake research mainly on education and climate change.
  • To establish and implement projects on soil conservation and climate change with women from the Machame division.
  • To encourage the establishment and support income generating activities and small enterprises for women so they can become economically independent.
  • To support school buildings and facilities for learning.

Target group and target areas

Target group for the project is primary school boys and girls aged 6 - 17 years and the geographical location that the organisation covers is in the rural area of Machame.

A sharp increase in the number of pupils attending the free primary education in this area especially as an underprivileged area. Expansion of the primary school infrastructure in this area is a primary target. Due to the limited number of schools, about half of the pupils completing primary schools lack opportunities to enroll in secondary education. In addition to shortage of school spaces, there is uneven distribution of schools, which increases difficulties of access in some areas.

Sustainable primary education expansion requires building of sustainable partnerships and mobilizing of local resources. In part, regional disparities in access primary education could be addressed through collaborations between local communities, central, and local government organs, and other stakeholders such as civil society, private sector, and development partners. It is not lost that over the years, financing of primary education has been a collective responsibility of parents and communities through user charges.

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