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About Us

Established in 1992, WIN is an experienced mental health provider of community-based, wraparound, and child placement services to youth and families. WIN is fully staffed by highly skilled clinicians, counselors, foster parents, and other paraprofessionals committed to supporting the holistic (spiritual, mental, and physical) development of youth and families. The motto most central to what we do is: “We Don’t Give Up On Families!” Through the practice of Family Strengthening, effective clinical interventions, and LOVE we have helped to successfully reunite many families and provide desperately needed services to at-risk youth throughoutMaryland.

WIN has established a solid reputation with local human service agencies and other mental health providers as a dependable and unique agency that relentlessly focuses on the strengths of youth and families throughout their therapeutic process.


Our mission is to utilize holistic, faith-based principles, through a variety of treatment modalities, in the creation of programs and services that therapeutically stabilize and strengthen youth, their families, and ultimately, their communities.