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About Us


Our mission is to cultivate a movement of purpose-driven, young leaders inspired to create positive social change.

We exist to empower youth to make our world a better place. Social Moguls is a program that joined the Happiness Initiative in December 2011 and will begin serving youth in the Greater Metropolitan Seattle Area beginning in the summer of 2012. Sekai Senwosret, a nonprofit leader who has worked in youth development and education management fields, founded the program. Sekai started Social Moguls because she passionately believes that youth are the only hope for creating a sustainable future. Social Moguls will work with university partners in co-developing an engaging and rigorous out-of-classroom, academic enrichment program for youth in grades 9 and10. The program will be designed to inspire our youth to become change makers and give them the skills that will help them succeed in school and life.

What is Social Moguls University all About?

Social Moguls University is 3-week summer residential program that teaches youth the why and how of creating positive social change in your community. Afterwards they return to your community organized as teams and use what they have learned and design, lead, and implement a project.

Social Moguls University activities include:

  • Living on a college campus for 3- weeks and getting a taste of college life
  • Exploring topics you are interested in, facilitated by college professors and community leaders
  • Learning how to be a better creative thinker and problem solver and then apply this skill in a real-world project in your community
  • Enjoying fun and cultural activities within the community creating new bonds with fellow students and memories

Youth will also benefit by learning about college while in high school, improving your resume for college admission’s process or learn about a special talent which leads to their dream career, lastly, youth will expand their positive social network of friends who share their commitment to making a difference.

Social Moguls is a program of the Happiness Initiative