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About Us

SSN is a UK-based charity with a passion for defending and upholding the rights of children in the Niger Delta region. Our work with Nigerian partner organisations saves and transforms the lives of vulnerable and stigmatised children; provides outstanding levels of education and significantly raises literacy levels of less privileged children. Through advocacy and campaigning we promote a greater understanding of child rights and aim to prevent the abuse of children today.

Our vision is that all children in the Niger Delta have access to their rights and are able to realise their full potential. Through establishing an effective model to uphold child rights in a challenging environment we hope to inspire others in similar circumstances.

Stepping Stones Nigeria is passionate about child rights. We believe that every child has the right to lead a happy life with access to a decent education, food, healthcare and protection from harm. We are committed to defending and upholding the rights of all vulnerable and underprivileged children in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.