Bamenda Coordinating Center for Studies in Disability and Rehabilitation (BCCSDR

About Us

Background about the BCCSDR The purpose of the centre is to improve services and support for individuals with all types of disabilities, including blindness, deafness, mobility impairment, mental illness, and disabilities related to long term and cyclical illnesses (e.g. AIDS, multiple sclerosis), and their families, and to the prevention of disability and the promotion of health, including mental health through research, education and service provision in the North West Region of Cameroon. This centre is a coordinating centre for research, program development and evaluation, education for professionals, clients, people with disabilities, and service provision. Objectives The objectives of the Centre include the following: a. To coordinate and disseminate disability and rehabilitation research and information in the region in conjunction with relevant organizations. b. To provide professional development and education in the domain of disability & rehabilitation. c. To provide education and support to persons with disabilities and their families. d. To network with other organizations with similar aims and objectives, locally, nationally and internationally. e. To support (materially, logistically, educationally) students, volunteers, researchers and others who want to support the work of the Center. Principles The BCCSDR aims to improve the health and quality of life of people with all types of disabilities. It supports a variety of rehabilitation approaches (biomedical, community based, client/family-centered). The BCCSDR works with and supports local rehabilitation services in a co-operative manner (e.g. those offered through hospitals and rehabilitation centres), and does not intend to compete with them. Coordination and networking of research and education initiatives is especially important to maximize available resources. The BCCSDR is based on human rights principles, and believes that all people must have access to services, support and education, regardless of type of disability or health condition. The center is a non-profit organization, non faith-based and non political organization.

We currently employ two staff on a full time basis: the Executive Director, Mr. Julius Wango, and the Administrative Assistant, Mr. Anjonga Emmanuel. Others are hired on short term contract basis as needed. There is an active Board of Directors, which meets several times a year.

Our website is Pictures of some of our activities are available at