Medical Missions for Children, Paterson, New Jersey

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35 Getty Avenue
Building 400
United States

About Us

Medical Missions for Children (MMC) is a U.S. based non profit international charity certified as a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. MMC serves catastrophically ill children in medically underserved U.S. and international communities. Medical Missions for Children is not dedicated to a singular disease or affliction and maintains no political or religious affiliations. MMC is dedicated to facilitating the transfer of medical expertise and knowledge to medically underserved children's hospitals using information technology and advanced telecommunications. Our purpose is to help catastrophically ill children throughout the world and to assist underserved countries to achieve long-term medical self-sufficiency.

MMC's Paterson-based program is the Giggles Children's Theater @ St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. Giggles is dedicated to easing the suffering of underserved sick children with the uplifting power of laughter through the performing arts.