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About Us

The California Clean Money Campaign (CCMC) is a non-profit, non-partisan political organization founded in 2001 whose mission is to end the dominance of Big Money special interests in politics to achieve an open and accountable government that is responsive to the needs of all Californians.

CCMC has hundreds of volunteers and over 150,000 supporters throughout the state, and has helped put two measures on the ballot, the most recent being Measure H on the March 2011 ballot in Los Angeles that passed with 75% of the vote to strengthen LA's system of public financing of campaigns.

CCMC is currently the sponsor of AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, a game-changing bill that would stop Super PACS and other special interests from hiding when they pay for political ads. You can read more about CCMC and the California DISCLOSE Act in an editorial in the LA Times by Steve Lopez:

CCMC maintains a state-wide office in Culver City and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. CCMC works on a grassroots basis, with members throughout California. We have active working groups of volunteers throughout the state.

More information about the California Clean Money Campaign can be found at our websites, and