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About Us

Founded in 1993, College Summit is a nationally-recognized nonprofit increasing community-wide college enrollment rates of low-income students. College Summit's innovative and scalable model helps build a college-going culture in schools from within—by tapping influential students, and providing high schools and colleges with the tools to ensure that every student who can make it in college makes it to college. To date, College Summit has served more than 24,000 low-income students, with current regional offices in California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, South Carolina, Washington, DC and West Virginia. College Summit also serves students in a growing number of other potential sites around the country. For five years in a row, College Summit has been recognized by Fast Company Magazine as “one of the top groups changing the world.”

Every summer on the campuses of our College Partners across the country, College Summit trains 40-50 high-potential rising seniors, called Peer Leaders, at four-day Summer Workshops to navigate the college admissions process and build a college-going culture in their high schools. These Peer Leaders will learn effective ways to finance their college education, skills and techniques to positively influence their peers, and methods to overcome the challenges they will face as they work to enroll in college. Most students arrive on campus assuming that college is out of their reach. Four days later, they leave confident that college is a real option for them.

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