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About Us

Civilla is a Detroit-based design studio dedicated to driving meaningful change in the world. Our team uses design to impact millions of residents in Michigan and influence the nationwide conversation on the social safety net.

A new way forward:

We are on a mission to change the way that changework happens. In the United States, we have billions of dollars that flow into services every year without significant changes in the quality of life for residents. At Civilla, we wake up every day asking ourselves: How do we find a new way forward so that the way things are does not become the way things will always be?

Our Namesake:

When we launched Civilla, we asked our friend Paul Siebert to gift us a name that represented the essence of what we are creating. He returned two weeks later and slid an envelope across the table that contained a combination of two words, civil and village: Civil - reflecting the role of a citizen in civil society. When you look at change initiatives around the globe, they are always rooted in citizen action. Village - reflecting the notion that nothing big in the world has ever been done alone. Change is always supported by a collective.

Our Team:

At the heart of Civilla is a team that wakes up every day to take action. We are a small community of leaders, designers, storytellers, artists, urbanists, social workers, technologists, and troublemakers who have come together in support of Civilla's mission and purpose. Interested in following along? Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That’s where we share-out daily adventures, new learnings, and upcoming fellowship and residency opportunities.


Our studio is based in Detroit, Michigan where we occupy a 10,000 square foot space in the Techtown building. Our studio is a place of meaning and purpose - where people tackle work that feels bigger than themselves and where they find the ability to do that work alongside others.