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About Us

Established in 1990 as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, the Leader to Leader Institute furthers its mission--to strengthen the leadership of the social sector--by providing social sector leaders with essential leadership wisdom, inspiration and resources to lead for innovation and to build vibrant social sector organizations. It is this essential social sector, in collaboration with its partners in the private and public sectors, that changes lives and builds a society of healthy children, strong families, decent housing, good schools and work that dignifies, all embraced by the diverse, inclusive, cohesive community that cares about all of its people.

The Leader to Leader Institute provides innovative and relevant resources, products and experiences that enable leaders of the future to address emerging opportunities and challenges. With the goal of leading social sector organizations toward excellence in performance, the Institute has brought together more than 400 thought leaders to publish over twenty books available in twenty-eight languages and the award-winning quarterly journal, Leader to Leader.

The Leader to Leader Institute engages social sector leaders in partnerships across the sectors that provide new and significant opportunities for learning and growth. We coordinate unique, high-level summits for leaders from all three sectors, and collaborate with local sponsors on workshops and conferences for social sector leaders on leadership, strategic planning and cross-sector partnerships.

Building on our legacy of innovation, the Leader to Leader Institute explores new approaches to strengthen the leadership of the social sector. With sources of talent and inspiration that range from the local community organization to the U.S. Army to the corporate boardroom, we help social sector organizations identify new leaders and new ways that embrace change and abandon the practices of yesterday that no longer achieve results today.