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About Us

The Great Public Schools (GPS) Pittsburgh coalition is seeking applicants for the position of Coalition Coordinator. The mission of Great Public Schools (GPS) Pittsburgh is to ensure that all Pittsburgh students have the great public schools they deserve — schools that any family will happily send their children to, and that all students will want to attend. To achieve education justice, we believe that we must address long-standing disparities in our city including poverty and racism, and that we must reinvest in public schools as the hearts of our communities. GPS believes that all Pittsburgh children deserve a rich, culturally-responsive, comprehensive curriculum in schools that are accessible to their families. GPS stands for dignity in education, the end to the school-to-prison pipeline, and community-driven (as opposed to top-down) school improvement. Moreover, we believe that all Pittsburgh families and communities deserve a public education system that is adequately funded, democratically controlled and able to support the needs of the community where schools are located.