The School for Democracy and Leadership

  • NY


600 Kingston Ave
United States

About Us

The School For Democracy and Leadership is a 6-12 grade school working to cultivate leaders and learners who are agents of change and responsible citizens.

Students will strengthen their own voices as they learn to hear and respond to the voices of others. SDL will emphasize high academic achievement, a rigorous college preparatory curriculum for every child, and a close connection to the larger community.

Graduates will be confident leaders and critical thinkers whose academic accomplishments, ownership of their own learning, and sense of connection with the larger community will have empowered them to become meaningful participants in the world around them.

Our Principles

SDL is founded on three core principles-relationships, engagement, and empowerment-which are essential for rigorous learning, a strong school community, and meaningful participation in a democratic society.

Relationships: We believe that schools work best when all stakeholders-students, teachers, parents, administration, staff-feel known, connected and supported within the community.

Engagement: We believe schools work best when all stakeholders are engaged in what is being taught, learned, and explored. In order to support the development of democratic leaders, SDL will inspire self-motivated learners who can explain what they have learned and why it has meaning.

Empowerment: SDL will cultivate the development of students as productive citizens and agents of change.