Focus In Africa

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About Us

Focus in Africa organizes a wide range of voluntary work programs, internship projects, and service-learning projects. Our non-profit organization works at the grassroots level, which enables those who volunteer in Africa to positively impact our communities.

Some of the placements we offer in Tanzania include:

  • Volunteering at orphanages
  • Teaching at local schools
  • Medical internships (volunteer at a hospital)
  • Environmental Conservation programs
  • HIV/AIDS counseling
  • Women Empowerment
  • Animal conservation programs

We are looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in local communities. Your program will include a full orientation, accommodation, meals, and a full-time placement with one of our local organizations.

Housing: You will have an opportunity to enjoy a homestay with a local Tanzanian family. Enjoy local meals and start learning how to speak Kiswahili!

Program Duration & Start Dates: Programs require at least a two week commitment. We accept volunteer applications throughout the year.

Program Costs: Fees vary depending on program duration. Please inquire for

To learn more about being an international volunteer in Africa or participating in one of our volunteer work programs, please visit our website: Feel free to send us a message, as well: