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About Us

BSN's mission is:

To perform eleemosynary services pertaining to reconciliation of formerly combatant groups in the Balkans, while keeping political neutrality.

To prevent armed engagement in uncertain environments through civilian action. Because the happiness of all is a collective responsibility.

In order for all present in the Balkans to reach a state of mutual understanding and cooperation, and to utilize conflict as an opportunity to integrate civilizations, BSN undertakes to restore faith in the unknown at any peaceful cost and means necessary.

Through culture, one sees the splendor of ataraxis.

Are we not moved by the Parthenon? The Sphinx, the Leshan Buddha, Yoruba rhythms, the Machu Picchu, the Moais, Petra, or Beethoven's fifth?

The spiritual flavors of connection and unity are only attainable because of the differences we might learn to antagonize.

Therefore, sharing vantage points both artistic and moral provides room for inspiration, acceptance, and respect.

A deep analysis of conflict through direct experience is a way to gain perspective, which in turn BSN uses to advance its agenda, be it through sharing the perks of capitalism with Roma children or interviewing residents of still unstable Mitrovica.

Art is concealing art, wrote Ovid. Indeed, this frail veil allows us to perceive the we in them.

Used as propaganda, art can catalyze wars.

Used as truth, art can sustain peace.