WSD HANDA Center for Human Rights and International Justice

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About Us

The WSD HANDA Center for Human Rights and International Justice is dedicated to promoting the rule of law, accountability, and human rights around the world through education, critical scholarship, and policy advocacy. Seated within Stanford University’s School of Humanities and Sciences, the Handa Center supports academic and professional development opportunities for students interested in pursuing work in human rights or international justice. The Center offers career and academic advising, research opportunities, campus events, and student fellowship funding. The Center also invites student participation in a diverse portfolio of international programs, including innovative digital archival resource development efforts, justice sector capacity-building, civil society outreach initiatives, and international criminal trial monitoring. The Center focuses its resources on projects aimed at making sense of the past, coming to terms with periods of violent social upheaval, and building institutions that will promote justice. The Handa Center succeeds and carries on the work of the University of California at Berkeley’s War Crimes Studies Center, which was established by Professor David Cohen in 2000 before moving to Stanford as the Handa Center at the end of 2013.